Senior Pastors

Larwin and Silvia Nickelson

Oikos Tamil Church is led by Pastor Larwin Nickelson. Larwin Nickelson grew up in South India and did his Bible school in Seattle, Washington (USA). He met Silvia Nickelson when she visited India in 1983, and they were later married. Larwin Nickelson has a burning heart for revival in the nation of Switzerland, while Silvia Nickelson is a teacher of the Word with a great sensitivity and wisdom. Together, they also pastor a Swiss congregation called Oikos International Church that meets regularly at Basel and aims at meeting the needs of the Swiss people as well as the International Community in Basel.

Associate Pastor

Jeremy and Mary

Pastor Jeremy comes from a Sri Lankan Hindu Brahmin background. He was working in Switzerland when a Swiss missionary led him to the Lord and he began serving in ministry. In 1996 he was ordained by Pastor Larwin Nickelson. 

Pastor Jeremy now serves as an Associate Pastor at Oikos Tamil Church. He travels & oversees all the Tamil churches around Switzerland. His wife, Mary, also holds a Bachelor of Theology (B.Th.) from Switzerland, and is also actively involved in the church ministry.

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